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Heidi Mannis
Consulting Services

Does your organization have a need to stabilize,
grow, and sustain vision, strategy and operations?
Heidi Mannis Consulting offers guidance and solutions.


Sometimes organizations need executive leadership continuity during times of transition, executive mentorship support for new leaders, or a review of organizational design. Interim executive leadership services can fill gaps, provide counsel, and assess leadership and staff models. Let’s talk about your leadership needs.


Sound planning leads to greater likelihood of success. Planning takes many forms—to provide evidence of current state, to anticipate capacity, and ultimately, to achieve desired results. Let’s explore the tools that will articulate your organization’s current strengths and accelerate prospects for the future.



Initiatives take initiative. Collaborative leadership can make the difference in advancing your organization’s objectives. Let’s determine how to help you launch, lead, and complete your projects.


An external perspective can contribute to breakthrough. Thoughtfully tailored review, assessment, and analysis produces improvement and optimization. Let’s discuss the best ways to address your organizational questions.

 Some Services Offered

by Heidi Mannis Consulting

  • Interim executive leadership, mentorship, and organizational review

  • Internal and external review and assessment

  • Strategic, operational, service, and program plans

  • Quality improvement 

  • Project leadership

  • Proposal and grant writing

  • Accreditation and certification support

  • Business cases, procurement, and guidance on contract considerations

  • Facilitated discussions of challenging questions

  • Board governance and committee guidance

  • Formalized documentation including policies

  • Infrastructure and startup development

  • Brand visibility and profile enhancement

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